Don’t Let Data Quality Hold You Back

“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.” – Tom Peters The quality of data plays a role in every project. Rarely is the quality of data good in one go. However, it is not a smart move to clean up all the data before you start the implementation. […]

The Importance of Rhythm in a Data-Driven Organisation

“A human being is just that: energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. A dance” – Gabrielle Roth It is important to create a fixed rhythm for the reporting. Where you initially received insight into one Excel report on a monthly or quarterly basis, you now have daily or weekly access to the most recent figures. By looking […]

Empowering data analysist with API-enabled data analytics services

Shift Toward Predictive And Prescriptive Analytics Continues Organisations invest in data analytics becuase it promises to bring competitive advantages, but many of the tools and skill sets needed to scale have been missing or in short supply. Data analysts continue to be a sought-after and expensive resource, and their valuable efforts tend to be relegated […]

UI Animations

UI animations have come a long way over the last decade. Animations don’t just look awesome, but they have evolved into a universal digital language that end users recognise and understand. These micro-interactions allow designers to communicate with users through movements and animation to provide the user with guidance, context, and an immersive user experience. […]

An Overview of Neumorphism

Neumorphic design is a visual trend that has gained traction with UI/UX designers and became a popular aesthetic choice for contemporary software, websites and mobile applications. Drawing on aspects of photorealism and 3D design, neumorphism brought simulated physical attributes, such as textures and shadows, to digital interfaces. To fully appreciate the impact of neumorphic design, […]

Dark UI Design

Dark UI Design: to Do, or to Don’t? Implementing dark backgrounds and patterns in web-, mobile-, and software applications continues to gain traction. So, when asked whether a light-based user interface, or a darker one is better, there simply is no straightforward answer. There are however several considerations that can help you make the right […]

Whatever you need to do twice … automate!

At M2-D2 we don’t like to do repetitive task but we prefer to automate them instead. This “wisdom” specifically applies to the field of operations of web platforms. We apply and build IT tools that can handle a wide range of IT operations automatically and accelerate IT management processes with fewer errors. This enables us […]

The importance of architecture for software development

As software becomes more critical to modern business, software needs to be able to react quickly to changes, allowing new features to be conceived, developed and put into production rapidly. The techniques of agile software development began in the 1990s and became steadily more popular in the last decade. They focus on a flexible approach […]

Web design: the full guide to digital visuals

Web design is a field of continual expansion, with demand for designers increasing year after year as more and more digital products are required. Let us take a moment today to explore the world of web design. From what exactly it is, and its relationship with UX, to crucial elements like typography. What is Web […]